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Seven Things Only Night Owls Will Understand

There are those who can’t sleep at night due to insomnia or stress, and there are people like me – we choose to stay awake at night. We just don’t want to sleep.

It’s either I don’t want to sleep or I just find it better to go through people’s IG pages in the middle of the night. I’ve noticed a few things that only happen when most people are asleep and never during the day. I’m quite sure you’ll relate if you enjoy being a night owl.

  1. The world is as quiet as a graveyard. You can literally hear a pin drop. This is the best thing ever for those who burn the midnight oil.

  2. Eating at midnight is not regarded as binging; it is a midnight snack – just like any other person can have a midday snack.

  3. There’s nothing as blissful as watching the darkness outside your window when it is completely silent.

  4. People who respond to your ‘hey’ texts are the best kind of people, simply because they are not sleeping as well and are willing to talk.

  5. You haven’t achieved anything in life until you have the ability to stop your microwave at exactly 00.01 seconds in order not to wake up people in the house.

  6. The best ideas come quickly at night. Jot them down.

  7. The morning alarm is SCREECHY; you have to wake up after all. Otherwise, waking up early is just a myth.

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