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Seven Signs You’re Headed For A Breakup

Not everyone is able see the warning signs that their relationship is on the rocks. You’ll thank us for bringing you these seven signs to help you see things aren’t going to work out. 

  1. You have opposing values – Opposites attract, but believeing in the same things can bring create a strong bond. Having different morals and core beliefs can make it difficult to work things out, so before getting serious with someone, it’s important to address these.

  2. Always arguing – The occasional fracas is healthy, but if you find yourself always quarelling about even the smallest things it’s an indication that things might be headed for disaster.

  3. Poor communication – If you can’t talk openly to each other, that’s a bad sign. Bottling your emotions only to explode or become overly confrontational all the time can lead to a rift between you and your partner.

  4. You hate each other’s families – Having a difficult mother-in-law is the conventional expectation but it also boils down to how you handle her. There are many successful relationships where couples dislike their in-laws but still treat them with respect.

  5. Your past is still an issue – Jealousy and insecurities are the biggest causes in breakups. Get over it, or get out.

  6. You base your relationship on physical compatibility than emotional – If you’re always looking at how good you look together, the odds are your relationship won’t last. Intimacy isn’t solely based on the physique, but also on emotional connection.

  7. One-sided relationship – It is not fair if one person makes all the effort in the relationship work. There should be a give and take.

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