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Seven Little Things Women Appreciate In A Relationship

Some little things matter more than material possessions and gifts when it comes to showing how much a person cares about you.

The occasional spoil is wonderful, but these shouldn’t detract from the simple, sweet little gestures that your partner might be doing them every day. Not quite sure what we mean? Keep a lookout for these and you will know he is out to impress you:

  1. Asking about your day

As mundane as it sounds, asking how your day was shows that your partner has an interest in your life and wants to know more about you.

  1. Long hugs

When someone hugs you and holds on for a longer time than is necessary, they’re trying to say they love and care for you.

  1. Listening

Someone who actually listens to what you have to say shows you that you are worthy of their attention.

  1. Phone calls

Just like the telephone took the place of handwritten letters, texts have now replaced these calls and most people prefer to send a text message than talk on the phone. A person who sends a simple text during the day or calls you just to hear your voice is worth keeping.

  1. Compliments

Show us a woman who doesn’t like compliments, we’ll show you a liar! There is a fine line between a sincere compliment and overt flattery, and your head will spin when your partner shows his appreciation for your efforts.

  1. Remembering your previous conversations

Refer to #3. A partner who remembers what you were talking about is one who listened.

  1. Public displays of affection

Some people are not fans of public intimacy or PDA, but casually holding your hand or gently guiding you with their hand on your lower back can say more than all the words in the world.

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