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Say “Cheese” To White Teeth!

Cheese isn’t only a great pizza topping, but it also has benefits for your health, skin and hair. According to The Dairy Council, cheese is also good for your teeth.

Six Reasons To Eat Cheese:

  1. Eating cheese assists in promoting the deposition of minerals such as calcium and phosphorous in teeth and it also helps in increasing the strength of tooth enamel.

  2. It provides an enormous amount of calcium and phosphorous to the mouth, which assists in replacing minerals that have been lost through demineralisation (acidic damage).

  3. Cheese helps us generate more saliva in our mouths; this is helpful in clearing food and reducing the sugar quantity present for fermentation and the production of acid caused by mouth bacteria.

  4. Just like in milk, the casein protein present in cheese helps protect the enamel of the tooth. It forms a thin film on the surface of the tooth surface and this prevents damage.

  5. Cheese helps reduce harmful growth in the acidity of plaque that surrounds your teeth.

  6. Consuming cheese by itself, with cooked food or as a mixed meal can increase the concentration of calcium in the plaque around your teeth. The Dairy Council explains that this helps to reduce and replace the calcium lost when teeth come under attack from acids produced in the mouth. According to the Dairy Council: “It has been shown that eating cheese after repeated consumption of acidic drinks can return the levels of calcium in the plaque to pre-drink levels.”

Now everybody, say cheese!

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