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Sassy Activewear For The Modern Woman

Gone are the days when that old, coffee stained T-shirt became your gym attire. Now in 2017, activewear is becoming much more fashion forward.

Activewear is not only reserved for gym and Pilates classes. Women seem to have caught onto the fact that yoga pants are far more comfortable than jeans, so why use gym as an excuse to wear them? This trend movement has been dubbed “Athleisure” and sees women wearing their gym gear outside the intended setting.

VivaGlam is a South African activewear range for women who are looking for active apparel that is both high quality and stylish. VivaGlam would like to inspire and motivate women to enjoy a more active lifestyle by looking great and feeling comfortable in their attire. The brand caters to all women. Whether you’re sweating away at the gym, bending backwards in yoga, jogging on the beach or simply running errands. VivaGlam promises a fantastic fit in their body hugging, flattering, high-performance imported fabrics.

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