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Sanitary Pad Etiquette For Every Woman

Many women use sanitray pads when aunt flo makes her monthly visit, but not many follow the basic code of conduct when it comes to staying clean.

Your menstrual cycle is something you’ve been dealing with for years, love it or hate it, you know how it’s eased your mind that other time when you suspected that you were pregnant right? Yes, you and many women can thank the monthly visit for the bail out… Anyway, that’s not why we’re here, today we’re going to look at what we call basic sanitary pad etiquette that every woman needs to know, yes, do bookmark this article so that you can share it with your daughters.

Take Notes And Share Them With Your Daughters:

  1. Menstrual blood is contaminated and wearing a damp pad for long is unhygienic. It can lead to diseases such as skin rashes, urinary tract infections (UTIs) and vaginal infection, so change your pad every six hours but if you have a heavy flow, change it more often.

  2. Pad rash happens when you wear a pad for too long and this is something many of us are familiar with. In order to avoid this, try your best to stay dry as much as you can and change your pad regularly to ward off germs.

  3. The right way to wash your vagina is from the vagina to the anus and not the other way around. Doing it the other way around can lead to UTIs or other infections.

  4. When choosing the type of pads to use, consider your needs, flow and your sensitivity to the pad material. You’ll find pads that are extra long, with or without wings, thick or thin, and for night use and more.

  5. Before leaving the toilet, make sure that you’ve flushed it properly and that you leave as clean as you found it, no need for you to leave any surprises for the next user.

  6. During your menstruation, your vagina’s own cleansing mechanism takes charge of getting rid of bacteria so washing your vagina with soap can kill the good bacteria giving way to infections. Warm water should do the trick.

  7. Dispose your sanitary pad correctly, it is your responsibility. If you don’t, it can spread infections and leave a foul smell behind. Many bathrooms provide small plastic bags to dispose pads, but if there isn’t one, roll your pad in paper and throw it in the bin provided. Don’t flush it down the toilet because it can cause blockage in the drainage pipes.

  8. When you’re on your period, wash yourself more often. By getting rid of all the excess blood properly, you’ll be odour-free.

  9. Don’t forget to wash your hands after using the bathroom so that you can prevent the spread of germs.

  10. Make sure that you always have spare sanitary pads, hand wipes and sanitiser in your bag so that if you’re faced with any unexpected situations, you come prepared.

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