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Remove Protective Hairstyles Without Doing Any Damage

Your protective style has served you well throughout the winter season, offering you extra warmth and shielding your hair from the harsh weather. But now it’s time to change it up and get ready for a new look this spring.

Darling Hair says spring hairstyle trends are all about duality. If you’re still contemplating your next hairdo for the upcoming spring festival, Darling has an extraordinary hair colour range for you. But first, Darling stylists share their tips on how to best remove your protective style without damaging your hair.

Before taking down your braids

  1. Spritz the braids with some warm water and follow up with your favourite product that allows your hair to feel slippery, so that your braids come off easily.

  2. Start from the bottom upwards. If your braids are much longer than your natural hair you can cheat by cutting the bottoms, but still leave enough space for where your natural hair ends (keeping in mind your natural hair is now stretched and has probably grown). Simply trim the ends and use a comb to unravel the first few sections of the braid.

  3. Apply more detangling spray to your fingertips and slowly unravel the braids. Once unravelled to the root, you will be able to slowly remove the extensions and feel your hair breathe.

After taking down the braids

  1. Use a detangle spray on your braids if the hair has developed knots, leaving it on the hair for 10 minutes.

  2. Take your time and use your fingers to separate tangled hair.

  3. Finger comb your hair as much as possible before using a wide-tooth comb.

  4. Comb your hair from the tip to the root

  5. Wash the hair using a hydrating shampoo followed by a conditioner.

  6. Invest in a hydrating scalp treatment to nourish the hair and scalp.

Source and image: Darling Hair

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