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Reasons to Book Your 2017 Holidays Early

While you’re crunching the numbers, packing those healthy lunches and buying new sports gear to motivate you, don’t forget to plan your next holiday.

Planning a holiday at the beginning of a year when you’ve just returned from the festive break may sound a little self-indulgent, but research shows quite the opposite. Various studies conducted around the world indicate that people who go on more holidays reap the following benefits:

  1. Lower stress levels, lower blood pressure and less risk of heart disease.

  2. A drop in blood glucose levels reducing the risk of diabetes.

  3. An increase in energy levels, contentedness and general health and wellbeing.

  4. Weight loss (related to decreased levels of the stress-induced hormone cortisol) and enhanced mood.

  5. Improvement in quality of sleep.

  6. An improved rate of resilience to stress once you return to work.

Kemble Morgan, general manager at WorldVentures, explains why you should book for your next holiday early in the year.

  1. Finance – If you book your holiday early, in most cases you can pay most of it off early in the year so that by the time you’re ready to enjoy your holiday, you no longer feel the financial effects of the holiday payment. You can focus on spending money and other little luxuries.

  2. Positive psyche – The anticipation of having an upcoming holiday will provide you with light at the end of the tunnel and equip you with enough energy to get through the more arduous tasks that work and life throw at you.

  3. Value your personal life – When booking and planning for your holiday early in the year, you place the same amount of value on your personal life as you do on your professional life. You’re taking a small step towards achieving that very important, but often elusive concept of work-life balance.

Source: WorldVentures. Image: Pixabay

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