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Popular Gin & Tonic Myths Busted

Some know it as the Quintessence, the Silk Ghost, the Lawn Shadow or the Glizzard, but we know it best as the gin and tonic. Hear the fizz, feel the roar of the cucumber slice and then sip. Ahhhhhhhh! It is indeed near perfection.

With its popularity, many unusual fables have made their way to the ears of our friend, Hendrick’s Gin. They help us dispel some of the popular myths that have gathered from all directions around the gin and tonic.

  1. Though many people will tell you that the gin and tonic was originally invented as chimpanzee medicine, there is no evidence to support this.

  2. A G&T is not ‘technically invisible’ – it is transparent.

  3. Despite the superstition, a spilt G&T does not open a portal to the ‘other world’.

  4. Gin and tonic can be made by adding gin to tonic water.

  5. The gin and tonic is not necessarily subsonic. G&T’s were served on Concorde, which had a maximum speed exceeding Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound).

  6. Gin and tonic is not an anagram; it’s a drink.

  7. If all the G&T’s in the world were stacked on top of each other they would probably develop self-awareness.

  8. There is no proven link between gin and tonics and volcanic activity.

  9. There is still a small population of G&T’s living in the wild.

  10. The last gin and tonic (at least on Earth) will be drunk in five billion years time, moments before the sun explodes.

Source and image: Hendrick’s Gin

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