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Pesto Isn’t Just For Pasta!

When you hear the word ‘pesto’ you probably think about pasta, and then high carbs. But this doesn’t have to be the case…

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to cut back on carbs, then Pesto Princess is delighted to share five of its low-carbs recipes that will help you do just that.

1.Banting-friendly pizza with chorizo

A simple recipe for a Banting-friendly pizza with chorizo may be just the encouragement you need to cut a few carbs on pizza night. Find recipe here.

2. Zoodles with basil and lemon pesto

This recipe for zoodles with basil and lemon pesto requires only four ingredients, which makes it a winner for those looking to swing the pendulum away from that festive indulgence towards lighter, budget-friendly eating. Find recipe here.

3. Banting-friendly cauliflower salad

The traditional potato salad was given a little revamp: enter a creamy cauliflower version of this braai-side classic. Find recipe here.

4. Seared tuna salad

A favourite for weekday, light, fresh and easy suppers. Find recipe here.

Harissa meatballs with cauli mash

Thanks to Tim Noakes and his Banting Revolution, this delicious veg is enjoying something of a renaissance. Find recipe here.

Source and images: Pesto Princess

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