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No Strings Attached

We live in an age where women feel more sexually liberated than ever before and, while our belief systems may vary, casual sex is no longer as taboo as it once was.

Although icons such as Amber Rose are heavily challenging the culture of “slut shaming”, we need a reality check on some rules that still apply to casual sex.

  1. Use protection. The number one rule is to always use a condom! The risks of contracting STI’s are far too high for unprotected sex, particularly in a casual relationship.

  2. Assess your motivations. Are you engaging in casual sex for genuine enjoyment or to get over an ex? Check yourself; you may land up even more heartbroken than before if you believe casual sex to be the remedy to your woes.

  3. Make your intentions clear. Nobody likes to feel led on. If you have no intention of having a committed relationship, ensure that your partner is on the same page as you. Enter the dynamic being honest about what you want to get out of it and make sure your expectations are the same

  4. You have the right to say no. Not feeling it anymore? Have you arrived at his house, but suddenly changed your mind? You have every right to say no and to walk away from a situation in which you do not feel comfortable.

  5. Be faithful. If you (or your potential partner) are in a committed relationship, do not partake in casual sex. Somebody is bound to get hurt and no matter how you try to justify the situation, infidelity is not excusable.

If casual sex is something in which you would like to engage, go right ahead! As long as you take precautions, are not hurting anyone and it is not against your personal values, you should feel free to do as you please.

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