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Nina Hastie Talks To EOA

Hailing all the way from Pretoria Nina Hastie, one of the female biggest comedians in South Africa, talks to EOA.

HM: How do you define yourself?

NH: I’m a comedian who works in TV and radio.

HM: Who influences you the most in the South African entertainment industry?

NH: I’m not really influenced by anyone. I’m a weirdo; I’ve always influenced myself. If my environment had influenced me, I’d probably have turned out to be problematic, entitled and racist like many other people born in the 80s in Pretoria.

HM: Your first comedy performance memories are of …

HM: ‘Cool Runnings’, the comedy underground with John Vlismas. It was an era, the pioneer days! I was drunk in most of them, but I do remember is that it was epic. 

HM: How do you come up with content for your comedy?

NH: I live. I watch. I listen. I immerse myself in life.

HM: Tell us about the projects you are working on now.

NH: Writing my one-woman show is the priority at the moment. I want to do a national and perhaps a pan-African tour in 2018.

HM: How do you spend your free time?

NH: I watch B-Grade TV to help me wind down. I like being outdoors, taking walk in the park. And sometimes I just get in my car and drive to KZN or somewhere out of Joburg.

HM: Tell us about some of your biggest achievements and how do you feel about them?

NH: I’ve worked with the legends, had some award nominations and I’ve received standing ovations in arenas. I feel like these are just the first steps in my long journey and try not to dwell too long on the achievements. Well done, pat on the back, next!

HM: What words of wisdom do you have for aspiring comedians?

NH: Figure yourself out. Who are you? What do you believe in? The rest will fall into place.

HM: What keeps you motivated?

NH: My fear of being mediocre and a desire to be remembered for making a contribution to the artistic landscape of this country.

Image: Sheila Afari

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