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Never Do These Four Things For a Man

It is easy to put your crush first in your life, but be careful not to lose your identity or put your life on hold just for him.

We’re not saying you should stop caring for your man, but there are a few things you should never do for a man or any other person.

1.Change the way you look and who you are

If he liked you the way you looked and who you were the first time you met, why should he change you now? If he is embarassed by your physical appearance and personality, he is clearly the wrong person for you. If someone loves you, they will love all of you – even the not-so-nice parts.

2. Compromise your goals

No one should ever come between you and your goals. If you decide to not to pursue your dreams because of someone else, you might regret it for the rest of your life.

3. Waiting for his validation

Don’t wait for his approval on something you plan on doing; always play by your rules. You already know what is best for you, so make your own decisions and never allow anyone to order you around.

4. Cancel plans for him

Don’t drop your plans just to make time for him. You might have to reschedule other plans at times when something important comes up, but stay committed to your plans with other people and your friends.

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