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More Than Just A Floor Covering

Carpets and rugs shouldn’t only be functional and beautiful but also shamelessly sensual, with a handcrafted feel and a design that will hold its own in any space.

Weylandts says rugs can be used in almost any room of your home as a statement and to provide depth, perspective, comfort, texture and warmth.

How to find the perfect rug or carpet for your space:

  1. To unify furniture, a rug should be of adequate size to allow for the front legs of the surrounding furniture to sit on the rug

  2. Rugs are a great way to define an area and to create a sense of space. To achieve this, the carpet should be big enough to fit all the furniture, while still allowing enough space on the edges to create a boarder

  3. A rug in a walkway should cover most of the area that is walked on for both safety and comfort.

  4. Use rugs to add splashes of colour while maintaining the character of the space. Don’t be afraid to choose bold colours and patterns

For more information visit Weylandts.

Source and images: Weylandts

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