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Minimise The Damage Of Summer Hailstorms

Hail not only damages property, but it can have a devastating impact on your bank account. It would be prudent to learn exactly what you are covered for and to plan ahead as far as possible.

As much as we can’t control the weather, there are small things you can do to avoid or minimalise hail damage. iWYZE Insurance gives us these five tips:

  1. The start of the rainy season is the ideal time to ask professional roofers to check your roof for damage or weak spots that will leave it vulnerable to the next hailstorm.

  2. Keep your gutters clear of leaves, and make sure all gutters can lead large quantities of water to a drain.

  3. If you have glass doors, install storm doors and shutters on the exterior to protect them from damage. If you cannot afford this, replace glass doors with wooden doors or install rails outside the windows with rolled-up plastic sheeting that can be rolled down in the event of a storm.

  4. Download the WeatherSA app, which will assist you in proactively monitoring possible storm conditions.

  5. Hail causes more damage to moving vehicles due to the speed at which both the car and the hailstones move. Plan your trips so that you don’t have to drive during hailstorms; alternatively, find a safe place to take shelter until the storm eases.

Claiming From Your Insurance

  1. Having all your records on hand will help you go through the process smoothly.

  2. Once you’ve submitted your claim, your insurance will send an accessor to your home to assess the financial damage.

  3. It’s not uncommon that the estimated payout ends up being less than the invoiced amount. This would be dependent on the amount you are covered for.

  4. Contact your insurance supplier to find out if you are covered for home and vehicle insurance and know the value of your insurance, as well as any excess payable.

  5. Contact your insurance to find out what inclement weather benefits are on offer through their household and vehicle insurance.

Source: iWYZE Insurance

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