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Mad Treat For Your Locs

Hair rollers and blow waves are an easy and safe way to curl hair, but not if you have dreadlocks, right? Maddy Magoo invites you to pop in for a treat.

EOA fashion and beauty intern Lauren Sydnè Matthews and I went along to Maddy Magoo in Riverside Shopping Centre in Bryanston. I have to admit I was a bit concerned at first that we were on mission impossible, as the salon is primarily aimed at children, but was assured that they work on both adults and children. Lauren observed, “Hair cutting can be traumatic for some children and the salon has gone to great lengths to ensure that a child feels comfortable, even supplying entertainment such as television screens at each station that play Disney movies.”

She added, “The décor is bright and colourful and the salon sells children’s hair accessories and toys. This is definitely a place children would like to be.” Maddy Magoo is ideal for any mom who would like to have both her and her child’s hair done and there is even a pamper area to host young pamper parties. We learned that this modern salon and pamper party venue caters for all hair types, with affordable options to maintain trendy or classic hairstyles. Jennifer Campbell treated Lauren to a blow wave treatment, while Unathi gave my locks special attention. As those with locs will know, you need to wash them before any treatment.

This is often not the most comfortable experience, but I was quite impressed with how the chairs at Maddy Magoo are designed to prevent neck strain. After the wash, Unathi delicately twisted my locs before putting on the rollers. The actual curling process is similar to how you would do it if you had natural hair or a weave, except that you need extra time under the dryer a bit longer because of the texture of the hair.

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