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Lose Thigh Fat In Three Ways

Many African women (and men!) appreciate the sex appeal of fuller hips and thighs, but bigger doesn’t have to mean wobblier.

Hate seeing your jiggly thighs in the mirror? The good news is that you can firm them up at the gym, with some blood, sweat and tears. Here are three ways how you can burn more calories and tone those shapely thighs:

  1. Incline Exercises – Do exercises that require to walk, climb or run at at incline to target your thighs, hamstrings, derrière and lower body. You can increase an incline of a treadmill machine, climb up the stairs at home or run up the hill when jogging outside. It will be painful and your heartbeat will definitely increase, but this will only mean you’re working hard.

  2. Cardio – Cardio exercises burn calories and decrease body fat. Exercises such as running, cycling and even rope skipping are very helpful in burning fat.

  3. Toning –As you burn fat with cardio, you probably want to reveal your muscles and this is where toning and strength training exercises come in. Lifts, squats and other resistance training will sculpt your hamstrings, lower body, buttocks and outer and inner thighs.

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