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Living The High Life

With the news of Trevor Noah’s recent purchase of a R130-million penthouse apartment in Manhattan, New York, we thought we’d see what South Africa has to offer in the latest luxury living spaces in the sky.

Zoom in on Unit 5A TWELVEONV, the ocean-inspired jewel in Cape Town-based Blok’s urban development crown on Victoria Road. The triple-story penthouse occupies the top floors of the building, with unobstructed views of the mountain behind, ocean in front, and Bantry Bay in-between.

Such a breathtaking penthouse (with three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, an expansive 500sqm of total interior and exterior space and private pool) demanded exceptional finishing – and the partnership between Blok and Weylandts Spaces was born.

Chris Weylandt heads Weylandts Spaces, the interior design division of furniture and décor retailer, Weylandts. For this first-time collaboration, he and the team curated iconic pieces of furniture and also created a range of bespoke pieces specifically for the TWELVEONV penthouse.

“Where there were unique requirements, we found unique solutions, designing and producing several pieces to complete the picture to the highest possible degree of comfort, design, and fit,” explains Chris. The result was a masterful interior boasting Haiku beds in the guest bedrooms, a custom-made Oslo bed in the master bedroom with in-built headboard and bedside tables, and the Kappa dining table in the living area.

Chris concludes, “We wanted this penthouse to be world-class, from highly detailed planning and design, to the delivery and installation of the finest furniture and homeware.”

Jacques van Embden, MD of Blok adds, “The Blok aesthetic is, throughout all of our homes, minimal, clean and thoughtfully designed. We have always felt that Weylandts shares a similar vision and passion, and we are extremely pleased with the work that Spaces has done to complete this already masterfully designed apartment.”

As the trend of downsizing from larger homes to more compact urban units continues, it is good to note that luxury and comfort have not been compromised. Who knows, with a little patience and a lot of money, you may soon be decorating your own “block” in the sky!

Source and images: Weylandts

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