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Lift Your Winter Spirits The Old Way

Other than the obvious mood-lifting, warmth and sleep benefits that come with responsible drinking, certain spirits offer variety of healing benefits. Perhaps its time we revisit how our ancestors warded off the common winter cold.

Liquor City shares ways you can shake of the common cold this winter.

Hot Toddy: Traditional Winter Feel-Better

Helps relieve congestion, soothes sore throat, gives you a good dose of vitamin C

  1. Hot water

  2. Lemon

  3. Elijah Craig Bourbon

Ginger Tonic: Cold Fighter

Helps with nausea, encourages sweating, good for coughs

  1. Ginger

  2. Lemon

  3. Tonic water

  4. Triple 3 Three Gin

  5. Label 5 whiskey

Cough Kicker: Cough Syrup

Soothes sore throat, loosens mucous in the chest, alternative cough syrup

  1. Honey

  2. Nutmeg powder

  3. Ginger powder

  4. CR & F Premium Brandy

Fireball: Booster

Antibacterial properties help fight of cold-causing bacteria, boosts memory

  1. Apple cider

  2. Cinnamon stick

  3. Spiced rum

  4. Corralejo Premium Tequila

Russian Remedy: All round cold-kicker

Gives you a dose of calcium, boosts energy, soothes sore throat, helps with cholesterol

  1. Powder garlic

  2. Unsalted butter

  3. Honey

  4. Egg yolk

  5. Milk

  6. ABK6 Cognac

NB : Alcohol can dehydrate the body, make sure you drink a lot of water!

Recipes and images: Liquor City

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