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Let Your Hair Do The Mambo Twist

If you want a hairstyle that is BIG and requires less work, give Mambo Twists a try, says Thina Mthembu.

You may be wondering what Mambo twists are? They are a synthetic crochet hairstyle that can rescue you from bad hair days, while protecting your natural hair – at least that’s what Mthembu says. See why you should give them a go!

  1. Pop of Colours

She says, “If you’re into synthetic hair, you know that it usually come in a variety of colours that are close to your natural or dyed hair colour.” Are you fierce enough? Then put some colour in your hair.

  1. 3 Styles in 1

You can have different kinds of hairstyles, from Mambo, to chunky waves and a big Afro! Find out how you can get this look in the November 2016 issue of Essays Of Africa magazine.

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  1. Protective hairstyle

You don’t have to wait for winter to protect your hair. Look funky look and still keep your hair safely tucked away and protected.

Read more about this in EOA

Mambo your way to a copy of the Essays Of Africa November 2016 magazine from CNA, Pick n Pay, Woolies and Exclusive Books. Or just click here and get yourself a mag! You’ll then see more of Mthembu’s reasons why Mambo Twists are the way to go.

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