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Learn How To Enjoy Your Bubbles

It’s always champagne season with endless opportunities to savour some bubbles under the warmth of the southern sun. But how can you savour every precious bubble in that heavenly bottle?

Our friends from J.M. Gobillard have a few tips on how best to enjoy your bubbly.

What exactly is champagne?

Many struggle with the difference between sparkling wine and champagne. For any wine to earn the accolade of “champagne”, it has to originate from the French winemaking region of Champagne. Another prerequisite is that it’s made from either Pinot Noir, Chardonnay or Pinot Meunier grapes.

The best way to serve your champagne:

To ensure that you get the most aroma, flavour and carbonation from your champagne, it is best to serve it at 10 degrees Celsius. Drink the champagne within a reasonable timeframe to avoid it exceeding 12 degrees Celsius. Depending on what you enjoy the most about your champagne, these are the kinds glass you should use:

  1. Champagne Flute – If you’re all about the bubbles, the champagne flute preserves more of the carbonation, allowing you to savour the bubbles for longer.

  2. White wine glass (yes, you can drink champagne from a wine glass!) – It allows the champagne to come into contact with more oxygen, allowing it to release more flavour and aroma.

When and why should we have champagne?

Champagne is traditionally known to be a drink of celebrations, but once you’ve had a sip of the good stuff, like J.M.Gobillard exclusive to Liquor City in South Africa, you’ll find a reason for every day to be a celebration. Live past the norm, pop into your nearest store, grab a bottle and enjoy it whenever and with whomever you like!

Source: J.M. Gobillard. Image: Pixabay

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