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Know Your Skin Type

If you’re still wondering what type of skin you have, then now is the perfect time to grab a pen and notepad for a little lesson.

Unlike some flea market clothing, skincare is not a one-size-fits-all. There are things about your skin that you need to know before you spend your hard-earned cash on beauty products and one of them is your skin type. Brand manager at Black Opal, Buyi Xaba goes through the five skin types, their characteristics and the proper way to care of it.

  1. Normal Skin (Lucky you!)

  2. Has the least problems.

  3. Well hydrated and elastic

  4. Looks clean and smooth

  5. Good circulation

  6. Glowy complexion

This skin needs: Cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen

  1. Oily Skin (The shiniest)

  2. Looks greasy and coarse

  3. Enlarged pores

  4. Tends to break out into acne

  5. Not prone to premature ageing and wrinkling

This skin needs: Gentle cleanser (don’t use harsh products that will stimulate oil production), oil-free moisturiser and sunscreen

  1. Combination Skin (The trickiest)

  2. Patches of dry skin on the cheeks

  3. Patches of oily on the forehead and T-zone

This skin needs: Cleanser, rich creams for the dry zones, lighter lotions for oily areas, and sunscreen

  1. Dry skin (Like a desert)

  2. Invisible pores

  3. Flaky

  4. Dry patches

  5. Feels tight and uncomfortable after washing

  6. More prone to ageing and irritation

This skin needs: Cleanser, rich moisturiser (well-hydrating), mask and sunscreen

  1. Sensitive Skin (Delicate)

  2. Thin

  3. Finely textured with dry patches

  4. Burns easily

  5. Prone to allergic reactions

Avoid products with perfumes, dyes or harsh chemicals

Source: Black Opal. Image: iStock

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