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It’s A Style Affair At Sun City

WAGS is a word used to describe the wives and girlfriends of men who are away for long periods of time… in this case, on the golf course.

However, for the four days that the men take to the greens for the Nedbank Golf Challenge at Sun City (November 10 to 13), the WAGS or grass widows will have no reason for resentment. As part of Sun International’s commitment to women empowerment, the wives and girlfriends were treated to a day of extreme pampering in a women-only programme that has come to be known as Style Affair.

This event celebrated its third birthday this year, and has been brought back each year by popular demand. The fun began at 11am on Wednesday, 9 November, as the women gathered at The Elephant Atrium, The Palace, for cocktails, champagne and canapés. The dress code was white with a dash of colour.

The partners of golfers, their friends, members of the media, invited celebrities and golfing sponsors were transported into a world of luxury at Sun City, to enjoy dining at The Palace’s fine-dining restaurants and indulge in luxury beauty treatments in beautiful surroundings.

Hand, shoulder and foot massages (Gatsby Spa)







Sun International CEO Rob Collins says, “Women need to feel as though they are an integral part of the golfing week, not just silent observers. They are a very special part of this Nedbank tournament and we want them to be happy.”

Source and images: Nine Squared

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