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Is Your Car Summer-Ready?

Just like your body or skin, your car also needs a little TLC this summer.

Ford has a few tips to help you get your car ready for an awesome summer season. Read below:

  1. Tyres – Summer driving can take its toll on your tyres. Scorching hot roads and hours spent in the sun can cause the air in tyres to expand and contract a lot more than during winter, causing more tyre wear. Get your tyre pressure checked regularly (once a week and in the morning while your tyres are still cool) and make a habit of checking your tyres for damage such as cuts or embedded nails. Any weak points can cause a dangerous blowout when the air inside the tyres expands.

  2. Window seals – Check your window seals for cracks and breaks. These thin rubber strips can be damaged in severe heat. If there are plenty of cracks and breaks, it means your air-con will have to work harder to cool down the car.

  3. Liquids and gas – It’s a good idea to check all liquids regularly, but in summer you should try to check your car’s water, air-con gas and coolant at least once a month. The last thing you need while driving in the heat is for your air-con to stop working. Some batteries still need to have their battery water levels checked manually, so find out if this is necessary on your car.

  4. Windscreen – If you have any small chips or cracks in your windscreen now is the time to take care of them. Baking in the summer heat can cause the glass to expand or contract and result in these chips or cracks expanding, safer to get them fixed as soon as possible.

  5. Pre-holiday checks – If you’re planning a road-trip, have a full pre-holiday check done at your nearest dealership. This way you’ll be sure you’ve given your car the attention it needs before setting off on that well-deserved break.

Source: Ford. Image: Pixabay

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