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How to Transform Your Day Makeup To Night Makeup

Heading straight to a party after work and have no time to go home and apply suitable makeup? Here are four steps on how you can transform your daily look and become a night goddess.

All you’ll need is a concealer, liquid eyeliner, powder, lipstick and a mirror.

  1. Concealer – Blend in well to areas that need a bit of touchup such as your under-eye circles, cheeks, inflammation, pimples or any areas that stand out when you don’t have makeup on.

  2. Liquid eyeliner – Apply to your upper eye lash line to give you that thing!

  3. Powder – This will help revive your look and remove any shine you might have acquired throughout the day.

  4. Lipstick – Bold lipsticks such as red, black or deep plum look good at night so pick a shade and give your look that final touch.

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