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How To Take The Perfect Selfie

Taking a great selfie needn’t be a chore. These easy tips courtesy of OMGi Cellphone Accessories will help you snap the perfect selfie, every time!

  1. Good lighting is everything

The right lighting is essential for taking a great selfie. Natural light can make your hair look shinier and your skin luminous, so take advantage of outdoor spots or areas near windows.

  1. Choose your background wisely

The camera may be focusing on you, but those dirty dishes on the table behind you are sure to catch everyone’s eye. Always check your surroundings before taking a selfie to ensure nothing unwanted creeps into the picture.

  1. Play around to find your perfect angle

You may have heard people talking about their “good” side – well, everyone has one! Try taking selfies from different angles (from your left, your right, from above, from below) and look through the pics to decide which one is most flattering. The best angle should become your signature.

  1. Make use of apps and filters

While it’s possible to overuse filters, they’re a lifesaver when you just can’t find the perfect light, or when you want to add a bit of mystery or playfulness to a pic. Try a few different effects before settling for one.

  1. Don’t be afraid to be a bit silly

Some of the best selfies come from moments of letting your hair down and acting a bit silly. Don’t be afraid to use a prop, pull a face or let out a laugh – especially when taking a pic with some friends.

  1. Smile!

In doubt as to which is your best facial expression? Stick to a smile – it’s warm and inviting and shows you don’t take yourself too seriously.

  1. Use a selfie stick

It is easier than having to stretch your arm out and offers a better angle and wider cover. A selfie stick really ups your game!

Source: OMGi Cellphone Accessories

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