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How To Make A New Spring Wardrobe

While nothing beats the feeling of wearing a new outfit, there’s always a way to refashion your existing clothes.

If you cannot afford to embark on a seasonal shopping spree, there are a few budget-friendly ways to bring new life to your wardrobe:

  1. Go to a fashion exchange or buy second-hand clothes. Just because you’re not wearing it anymore, doesn’t mean it is an old rag. There are plenty of places where you can buy second-hand clothes or trade yours at a fashion exchange. This will help you to let go of those items you’re not even wearing anymore.

  2. Mix up your clothes and match them. If you always wear the same kind of clothes, chances are you’ll get bored of them. Try wearing your most loved items with something different that you don’t wear more often. It will look like you have a new outfit on.

  3. Create a new clothing item from your old one. Wreck your denims by tearing them to create a distressed jean, or bleach them. Grab a pair of scissors, cut them and create shorts. Look for ideas on YouTube and

  4. Wear accessories. Brighten your look with a bold neckpiece or statement piece.

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