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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day Without Buying Gifts

Mother’s Day isn’t entirely about buying your mom gifts and taking her out to dine at fancy restaurants. Even the smallest acts of kindness can go a long way.

You might be surprised to find out that something as minor as tidying up the house can mean a lot to your mom, as you are giving her some much-needed time out. This year, we suggest you try a little non-monetary gesture to show how much you care:

  1. Let her sleep

She’s most likely the earlybird who makes sure that the household runs smoothly, so give her a break and let her catch up on some rest with a morning sleep-in, naptime during the day or going to bed a little earlier.

  1. No household chores

Give her a break from the monotony of the cooking, cleaning and laundry and do these chores for her.

  1. Do groceries

Grocery shopping is a complicated business, even though your mom makes it look easy. Comparing prices, working a budget and buying things that the family needs and everyone likes is no mean feat. Ask her what she wants and head to the shops while she Netflixes and chills.

  1. Take the kids to the playground

Silence is golden and a few hours without the sounds of children around can be bliss for a stressed out mother. Let her catch up on some me-time while you take the young ones to the park or for a lunch.

  1. Take care of her mother

Think about it, if you’re taking care of your mother, who’s taking care of her mother? Arrange for help from one of your siblings, a relative or friend to help spoil your grandmother.

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