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How To Be Hopeful in 2017

We’ve heard so many people say that 2016 was a pretty rough year and we totally agree! That’s why we give you ways to make 2017 a little brighter…

From horrendous political fiascos in South African Parliament, to destructive #FeesMustProtests throughout the country’s universities to the loss of music legends such as Mandoza, Malik Taylor, Prince, Sharon Jones – not forgetting the death of race car driver Gugu Zulu, who passed while trekking for Mandela – 2016 can be classified as annus horribilis. And these are just on the public front.

You might have lost your dream job or worse, a close family member or a friend; parted ways with your soul mate or long-term partner, or struggled under tough economic times.

It’s time to let that go and start being hopeful about 2017, if you have no idea where to start; we’re more than happy to give you a clue.

  1. 2016 is over – Let bygones be bygones, and don’t dwell on the previous year’s negative events. Focus on the current one and see how you can make it a better year for yourself.

  2. Make new friends – It is never too late to start friendships with people. Go out more and meet strangers; this is the only you can make friends.

  3. Smile more – Even when things just seem to be going wrong, smile! It doesn’t only relax your facial muscles and calm your nervous system, but it also improves your mood. Who doesn’t want to be happy?

  4. Ignore the haters – There’s always that one person who is just negative about anything you do in your life, don’t let spoil your mood. ‘Blue tick’ these people and get on with your day.


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