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How To Be A Single Mom And A Successful Businesswoman

A mom’s got to do what a mom’s got to do to get that deal, especially when you’re single and your small business depends on it.

SA Realtor and International Businesswoman and Entrepreneur, Julie Solomon knows all about going to great lengths to clinch a deal when you’re a single mom. The owner of Julie Solomon Property shares a few of her tips for success in balancing both her worlds.

  1. Single moms can ask clients to meet them at popular family restaurants when signing documents. The benefit for Solomon of doing this was that when her daughter was ten years old, she got exposed to valuable real estate tips as she grew up.

  2. It is not about who can get the fastest deal, but about getting the right price for your property from a qualified buyer.

  3. You can bag the million-rand deals and be a mom by being structured and highly organised, yet adaptable. One of the key elements of success is being prepared to think out the box and solve problems in a creative manner.

  4. Don’t feel guilty (or at least convince yourself that you are not feeling guilty!) when you have to say no to your children or a client.

  5. Learn to distinguish between what is really urgent and what is someone else’s poor planning or lack of organisational skills.

  6. It is important to balance your success. Success at work but chaos at home (or vice versa) is counterintuitive. You will be more productive in all spheres of your life if you can switch off from work while you are at home and leave your baggage outside the office when you are working.

  7. Surround yourself with a good personal and professional support structure.

Source: Julie Solomon. Image: iStock

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