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How Not To Get a Cold

It might still be summer, but there’s always that unexpected cold going around attacking everyone’s immune system. Learn how you can protect yourself and stay healthy.

  1. Always wash your hands, especially if you’ve been in a public place. Germs are everywhere and so are viruses, it is better to be safe than coughing.

  2. De-Stress – Reducing stress will help your immune system resist bacteria and illnesses. There are so many things you can do to relax: take a hot bath, meditate or drink soothing tea. Also eat immunity-boosting foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

  3. Sleep is not only important because doctors say “eight hours a day”, but also for preventing a cold – and a speedy recovery should you get sick.

  4. Exercise boosts your immune system.

  5. Stay away from sick friends – If one of your friends seem to be coming down with something, it’s best to avoid them. Support them, but stay away before whatever is making them sniff and cough affects you too.

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