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How About Some Cocktails?

As the days get shorter and cooler, we suggest you brave the chill and sip on a cocktail as you unwind with your friends.

With Monkey Shoulder and Tullamore D.E.W.’s cocktails of the month, you can! Here’s how you can DIY at home and entertain yourself and friends.

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Monkey Jam Sour by Monkey Shoulder

Apparently it tastes like swinging from the chandeliers and dancing on the ceiling.

50 ml Monkey Shoulder

5 ml sugar syrup

2 tsp. Jam

20 ml dresh lemon juice

Soda water, optional

Dash orange bitters

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Put all ingredients in the shaker. Add fresh ice and shake it like a legend. Strain into ice filled glass. Top up with soda water if you fancy it.

Monkey Shoulder Tips: Jam-flavoured lemon juice! Squeeze the fresh lemon juice in advance, pour into an empty jar and add a dollop of jam. Shake the Monkey hell out of it! This will give you beautiful lemon juice jam, easy to mix into your cocktail. Plus it prevents your lemon juice from oxidizing, so you can prepare it in advance.

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Bad Apple D.E.W by Tullamore D.E.W.

50 ml Tullamore D.E.W. Original Irish Whiskey

Brown sugar cube

5 ml Irish stout

2 dashes orange bitters

60 ml Irish cider


In a Collins glass, soak the sugar cube with stout, then muddle. Add bitters and Tullamore D.E.W. Original. Stir to dissolve sugar. Add ice and continue to stir. Top with cider and lemon zest.

Recipe and image: Monkey Shoulder

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