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High Heels Without Pain

We all own a particular pair of heels that gives credence to the phrase “beauty is pain”. The following tips will help you avoid the inevitable discomfort that comes along with wearing high heels.

  1. Buy the best fitting shoe possible. Have you fallen in love with a pair of shoes only to find that the retailer does not stock your size? Rather than compromising for a big toe squeeze in shoes that are too tight or the foot slide in shoes that are too big, choose another style and step out in comfort.

  2. And if the shoe doesn’t fit. ­Stretch it! Fill a zip-lock bag halfway with water and place the bag inside the shoe. Put the shoe in the freezer overnight. The water freezes and expands the shoe.

  3. Silicone heel inserts that cushion the ball of the foot can be an absolute blessing! They replace the lost fat padding on the balls of your feet that occurs when you are not standing flat.

  4. Pay attention to the slope. Platform heels can be misleading; although they appear “high” their slope is usually more gradual than heels without a platform. This may be more forgiving on your arches and can help relieve pain in the ball of the foot.

  5. Opt for open-toe heels. This will relieve the pressure on corns, calluses and inflamed areas.

  6. Roll transparent deodorant beneath any area of the shoe that comes into contact with your skin (straps, in particular) to help the shoe glide and prevent chafing.

  7. Epsom salts. If your feet are still in pain at the end of the day, a good Epsom salt soak will do the trick. Fill any large container with warm water and mix in a quarter cup of Epsom salts. Soak your feet for as long as desired to reduce inflammation and pain.

Wear your heels confidently and achieve that “wow” factor with minimal “ow” factor! And if all else fails, keep that trusty pair of flats in the car.

By Lauren Sydnè Matthews. Image:

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