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Healthy Tips To Being A Better Friend

If you have done a friendship audit for 2016 and feel you could’ve been a better pal, it’s never too late.

It’s so easy to lose touch with friends when life gets the better of us, but you can turn things around and prioritise your friends – especially if you’ve been distant. Try this out these steps for a year of healthier friendships!

  1. Start calling them regularly – If you’ve only been calling your friends every second month or so, then it’s time to change and do this more often. Show interest in their lives, rather than just visit their lives on Facebook.

  2. When the going gets tough, avail yourself – It is painful to learn that those who you thought had your back seem to disappear when you need them the most. Don’t be the kind of friend who vanishes during tough times. Be there.

  3. Don’t cancel plans, especially in the last minute – Make your friends and family your first priority. Think of them as your daily job; if you were to skip work, the chances are you’d get into trouble. The same goes for skipping out on plans.

  4. Be an ear that listens – Be sure to listen as much, if not more, than you talk.

  5. Celebrate their achievements – Whenever your friends accomplish something wonderful in their lives, be happy for them and say it. It is called being supportive and being proud of them.

  6. Don’t keep secrets – Secrets are the biggest threats to friendships, so try not to keep things to yourself. Your real friends won’t judge you.

  7. Accept them for who they are – Everybody has their own perfections and flaws; embrace all their character traits and ask them to do the same for you.

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