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Health Risks Of Wearing Ill-Fitting Shoes

According to research, up to a half of all workers spend 75% of their day standing, but uncomfortable footwear can cause lower back pain, circulation problems and blood clots.

Additional health complications from standing for long periods include slouching, varicose veins, joint compression (undue pressure on joints in hips, knees, ankles and feet) and muscle fatigue. Devan Odayan, shoe designer from footwear company Crockett & Jones, attempts to soften the blow from standing for long periods in his latest summer and winter ranges by merging comfort with style – and by urging consumers to ensure they choose shoes that fit correctly.

Odayan says ill-fitting shoes may lead to calluses, corns, toe and nail problems, and contribute to the health risks of standing for long periods. “When choosing a shoe, make sure the heel is stable and there is no pressure on your feet. It’s best to select shoes at the end of the day, when your feet are slightly swollen, for a better fit,” he says.

What to consider when you purchase shoes:

  1. Ensure flexibility – the shoe should flex as you walk.

  2. Make sure there’s enough cushioning, as this will reduce joint aches.

  3. The heel should be stable when walking.

  4. Good arch support is important for your posture.

Crockett & Jones footwear is available at selected stores nationwide.

Source: Crockett & Jones. Images: Pixabay

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