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Gym Time Or Mealtime: Which Matters Most For Weight Loss?

Unless you’re a professional athlete, you’re unlikely to be exercising enough to cancel out an all-you-can-eat diet…


Sally J’Arlette-Joy, founder of Sandwich Baron, says that multiple research studies have proven that for people watching their caloric intake to reduce weight, adding exercise into the equation barely makes a dent in their overall caloric expenditure.

For instance, if a 100kg man wants to lose half a kilo a week, through exercise alone, he would need to run about 5.6km a day, assuming his diet stays the same. Through dieting alone, he needs to cut back 500 calories per day. That’s the equivalent of a Big Mac without the French fries and Coke. Theoretically, the two should achieve the same health results.

In a study reported in the US Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, researchers asked the subjects to exercise and to estimate their caloric expenditure, and then afterwards took them to a buffet. The subjects were asked to consume the amount of food that they believed they had just burned in calories. On average, they ended up eating two to three times the amount of calories that they burned.

The conclusion is that you should watch your diet if you would like to lose weight and exercise if you want to get fit. Do both if you want to be healthy. As most people struggle far more with their diet than with their discipline at gym or on the track, Sandwich Baron introduced its nutritious range of low-calorie sandwiches, which they subsequently supplemented with a Banting range.

Banting is a dieting plan with a higher than usual fat content (and therefore flavour), high to medium protein and low carbohydrate content. It reflects newer research that in health terms fat is not the enemy or the cause of obesity – sugar is. Sandwich Baron has already expanded their menu with the addition of two new delicious dishes in order to give customers more variety in their Banting meals: a picnic box and Scotch eggs. A Scotch egg consists of a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in breadcrumbs and baked or deep-fried.

Why Banting?

The Banting menu recognises the health benefits of Banting – it is much more than a weight-reduction plan. It primarily addresses the modern scourge of diabetes. Sandwiches – Banting or otherwise – have long been considered a healthy option as a quick meal. Now people can fill themselves up without having to run 5.6km afterwards.

Source and image: Sandwich Baron

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