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Guide To Being Confident On Your Period

The last thing you need to worry about while studying, starting a new job or socialising is your period

At this point in your life you have grown to know what works for you in terms of your period. Stressful situations can, however, affect your period and your flow and also mess with your confidence. Kotex® suggests five ways you can protect yourself and stay confident during your period:

  1. Always be prepared – Don’t let your period sneak up on you. We all know what a nightmare it is to not have pads or tampons in your cupboard readily available for that time of the month, or to just run out. Try to stock up a week before your period starts, so that you are prepared.

  2. Exercise – Go to the gym, jog, take a dance class or just be active. Not only can exercise minimise the painfulness of cramps but it also releases endorphins, which will generally make you feel happier and better.

  3. Pamper yourself – After a hectic day, pamper yourself with a lovely relaxing bath; it does wonders to your body and helps you feel fresh and clean especially during this time of the month.

  4. Live a little – Don’t let your period restrict you. You can still do a bit of swimming, sport or just hang out with your friends, so don’t lock yourself up in your room.

  5. Drink lots of water and have healthy snacks – Drinking water can help with bloating and those annoying cramps. Try to also stay away from junk food and have a healthy snack like an apple or veggies to make you feel better.

Source: Kotex® Image: Salon.com

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