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Go On A Couch Date With Your Partner

Budgets are tight and office hours long! It is perfectly acceptable to spend an evening in with nothing more than Netflix and that special someone by your side.

Here are 10 great couch date ideas to keep the home fires burning:

  1. This should go without saying.

  2. Play board games. Timeless fun.

  3. Watch a movie or four.

  4. Battle each other on the Wii or Play Station.

  5. Have a pillow fight.

  6. Listen to each other’s favourite music.

  7. Take a nap together.

  8. Read his magazines and let him read yours.

  9. Write a poem or song for one other and perform Karaoke-style for an audience of one.

  10. Make out or make love!

Images: Unsplash ©jeremywongtsz

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