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Get The Look: Georgine AW 2017 Hairstyle

The carefree VIP individuals that used to reside in hotel suites and make them their own inspired Georgine AW17 collection hairstyle seen on the New York Fashion Week runway.

Moroccanoil Artistic Director, Kevin Hughes created a look that radiates a fashion-forward, bold and edgy woman living in a “Georgine Suite”. Hughes created an all-black, rough textured look with strong bangs to embody this woman Georgine has created.

7 steps to getting the look with Morrocanoil

  1. To create the perfect foundation for styling, prep hair by applying a one-rand-coin size of Treatment Light from mid-length to ends.

  2. Spray Root Boost throughout the hair to add texture, fullness and volume.

  3. Blow dry the hair smooth using a Ceramic 55 MM Round Brush.

  4. Next, separate the hair into four-centimetre sections. Use a four-centimetre (1.5 inch) barrel curling iron and wrapping the hair around the barrel, leaving the last three centimetres of the hair straight.

  5. Once you’ve completed the full head, spray the Dry Texture Spray for carefree, textured volume and long-lasting hold.

  6. For a more roughed-up, “piecey” look, rub a small amount of the Texture Clay between palms and distribute throughout hair, building to the desired level of texture.

  7. Mist with Luminous Hairspray Strong for a smooth and luminous finish.

For more information, visit Morrocanoil.

Source and images: Morrocanoil

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