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Gear Yourself UP For A Fraud-Worry-Free Holiday

Wherever your travels take you, ensure you have a wonderful time by taking some easy precautions when it comes to your money.

The December holidays are finally here! You’ve worked hard throughout the year and deserve a hassle-free break. While travelling is a wonderful way to recharge and revitalise your mind, and leave you with unforgettable experiences, you need to be careful. You can often get so caught up in the sights and sounds of your surroundings that you may let your guard down. Unfortunately, fraudsters never take time off. Visa has a few steps for you to implement to ensure you have an enjoyable, fraud-free travel experience.

  1. Methods of payment while travelling are now simpler and more accessible than ever before. Today, Visa cards are accepted at tens of millions of merchants around the world and provide 24-hour cash access at over 2.5 million ATMs. Not only are payment cards more convenient than cash, but they’re safer too. Cash can be difficult to keep track of and easy to misplace, especially when you are changing planes, running for a taxi or checking out of a hotel.

  2. Cards can be replaced if they get lost or stolen and your transaction history makes it easier to keep track of your spend.

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