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Four Ways To Steam Him Up With Foreplay

Everybody needs a little foreplay before getting down to business … even your man! Check out these tricks on how to get him a little hot under the collar and hard where it counts.

We all need a few new ideas to spice up our bedroom routine occasionally. These four ideas should give you a head start where it matters most …

  1. Sneak peek: You don’t have to wait until you’re both in the bedroom to show him what’s on the menu. Send him a saucy pic (just a hint of flesh) while at work or sext him while dining together at a restaurant and ask him to check his message. When he looks at you, give him him that ‘I want you now’ look and you’ll soon hear “Cheque, please!” Have a passionate make-out session in the car before heading home for dessert.

  2. Talk dirty: Don’t be shy! He won’t think you’re a jezebel! If you’re not sure what to say, try searching the Internet for topics related to ‘dirty talk’ during sex or things men love to hear during sex. Remember, men like their women to be ladies on the street and a little freaky in the bed.

  3. Striptease: There’s a reason men visit strip clubs – they are visual creatures. Learn a few slow, seductive moves and take your clothes off in an exclusive show, just for him.

  4. Take control: Men like a confident woman, so take a little control between the sheets. Flip the script and be the boss. Tell him what you like, how you like it and be on the girl on top.

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