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Four Top Gardening Tips

If you put in the hard work then your garden will be a magnificent show of blooms. If you missed that, you can still enjoy the month of blossoms by taking these shortcuts.

  1. The good old-fashioned daisy bush that our grannies always had in their gardens has undergone a bit of a makeover. These new plants are short, compact and flower non-stop, and make any garden look like it has been loved and nurtured! All you have to do is make sure you cut off the old flowers close to the stem, and it’ll just keep on giving.

  2. The heat is going to be turned up a notch or two, so please get the hosepipe sorted. There are too many hosepipes where most of the water disappears out of holes before it even reaches the nozzle.

  3. You have to mulch! If you don’t know what that is, it basically means putting down a layer of either compost, leaves, bark chips or even stones on all bare patches of soil. The reason for doing this is that it traps the moisture in the soil, stops weeds from germinating, and also adds nutrition to the soil (except the stones, of course). If you’re worried about your hands or nails, try these two tips:

  4. Get a good pair of gardening gloves.

  5. Take an old-fashioned cake of soap, warm it in the sun, and then attack it with your nails. The soap will get under your nails and form a protective layer. Go and garden like a mad thing, and when you’re done you simply wash the soap away and your nails will still be clean.

  6. Banana skins are tops and definitely don’t belong in the bin! Scatter them around your veggies and herbs – they release potassium, which promotes flowering and fruiting.

Source: Tanya Visser. Image: Pixabay

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