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Four Reasons You Should Have a Personal Trainer

Whether you’re new to the gym or not, getting a personal trainer is always a good idea. Bobo Mshengu, personal trainer at Virgin Active, Bryanston gives four reasons why you should get one, too.

1.Most health clubs are rather intimidating places for the average new member at the gym. They are loud, smell of chlorine, echo with the sound of equipment dropping on the floor, and have muscular people walking about. A personal trainer (PT) will ease you into the new environment or you can have your PT come to your house or place of work for a private one-on-one session.

2. A PT helps to motivate you and push you to be your best and, because you’re dealing with a professional, you get a tailored programme to help reach your goals. You also get expert advice on combatting stress, muscle fatigue or rehabilitation of injuries.

3. PTs are also educators who will guide you through each exercise to ensure you don’t injure yourself. They will also walk you through the benefits of all exercises and equipments at the gym.

4. PTs help you set smart goals. You’ll have someone to account to and who’ll give you the right tools to meet your goals, including meal plans. Although there is so much content available on search engines, it is always a better idea that a professional keeps you on the right track as exercise and food are not really one size fits all.

To speak to Bobo Mshengu about exercise and diet programmes, call him on +27 (0)83 506 6841 or email: mshengub29@icloud.com.

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