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Four Reasons To Wake Up With A Bang

If having coffee in the morning is the first thing you’ve always looked forward to, then you’ll be interested to hear that there other things that can give you that early rise, for example, morning sex.

“Yuck! But what about morning breath!” you might be thinking? Find out why you should start your morning off with a bang!

1.You’ll wake up faster – Sex in the morning does a better job at waking you up than a cup of coffee because of the rush of blood to your brain. Also, sex won’t have any ill effects for your body like caffeine would.

2. Bonding with your partner – Spend some quality time with your lover first thing in the morning. It is much more intimate to have sex with your partner in the morning because morning breath and messy hair or beard means you’ve looked just the surface.

3. Begin your day positively – A bit of sex in your morning schedule will put you in a lively and positive mood for the rest of the day.

4. It will give you the glow – It is true that sex makes your skin glow, so why not make part of your morning skincare regimen?

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