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Four Good Reasons To Work Out At Night

Have you ever wondered why some people hit the gym in the evening, when they could just get it out of the way before going to work in the morning?

You really don’t have to skip your morning appointment with a cup of coffee in favour of your daily exercise – a bonus if you’re not really a morning person. We found these great reasons why an evening workout might be better for you:

  1. Better sleep – You’ll sleep better at night, especially if you hit the weights. While asleep, your muscles recover fast to make you feel better in the morning.

  2. Better workouts ­– A few studies have revealed that training at night increases muscle growth and improved endurance. So this means you’ll benefit more from training at night.

  3. Lower blood pressure – According toJournal of Strength Conditioning Research, if you train at night you’ll lower your blood pressure by 15 percent compared to your morning counterparts.

  4. Quick results – Training at night can make you extend your workouts by 20 percent, allowing for more calorie burn, stronger muscles, and a leaner and healthier body.

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