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Five Ways To Relax In Five Minutes

It’s quite easy for stress to take over as you head for a meltdown, especially if you work in a deadline driven enviroment while trying to juggle the rest of life.

If you feel you are headed for detonation, try this quick relaxation fix to help contain the fallout.

  1. Massage your hands

Especially if you spend too much time on the keyboard. You can do it yourself so you don’t have to rush to a professional masseuse. Use some lotion and rub in smooth, deliberate strokes (this will also help to slow a racing heartbeat).

  1. Brush your hair

Brushing through your hair repetitively helps your whole body relax. Do it yourself, or have someone else brush 100 strokes!

  1. Stress ball

Instead of reaching for the throat of that annoying colleague or client, grab a stress ball and squeeze away! This is a good way to relax any tension and keep you out of jail!

  1. Shut your eyes

Take 40 winks, literally. Lowering your eyelids with purpose helps focus your thoughts and calm you down.

  1. Take a deep breath

Breathing lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, calms you down and allows more oxygen to circulate through your body. As few as 10 deep breaths can be a lifesaver.

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