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Five Ways To Find Some Friends

Life can be lonely without friends or somebody who’ll have your back, no matter what, but getting out there and meeting new people can be easier said than done.

Making new friends and trusting people enough to invite them into your inner circle can be terrifying! The following five tips might help you break down the barriers that are keeping you from finding your new bestie!

1.Get out of your comfort zone

Doing something new is always a good way to meet new friends. Pick a new hobby like taking a pole fitness class or kicking some capoeira butt. Try anything that will help you to connect with new people.

2. Daily routine

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Think about your daily routine and change it up slightly. For example, instead of using the fast food drive through, park your vehicle and go inside. You never know who you might meet while you wait in line!

3. While travelling

If you are a bit on the shy side, you might never think of meeting new people while on holiday or a business trip. However, it only takes a ‘hello’ to start a conversation that could lead to a life-long friendship.

4. Work/office environment

Whether you are complaining about your boss or praising them, it is so much easier to make friends at work because those are the people you spend most of your daylight hours with.

5. Gym

Another good place to make new friends is the gym. Sometimes you just want to sweat it out and leave, but if you join those kick and step classes most gyms offer, your gym buddy might just become a drinking buddy!

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