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Five Ways To Counsel Your Relationship On Your Own

Like some married couples, you might depend on couples’ therapy to help with any conflict you might encounter in your relationship, but you can begin the counselling process without the professionals.

I approached a few of my friends who are in committed relationship to share their conflict resolution tips with EOA:

  1. A couples’ retreat

You might see it as a #baecation or getaway wekeend but, if you have problems in your relationship, travelling with your partner can bring back some of the initial glow. There are chances that you might argue while there, however, so be prepared!

  1. Talk it out at home

If going on a retreat is simply not possible, try DIY therapy at your house, but you both have to put a lot of effort in it. Find self-help books in the Internet or from a nearest bookstore and research any pointers for how to discuss your issues and be proactive about making changes.

  1. Go on date nights

This is important for married couples. Date nights are not just for the daters! Yes, it might be more complicated if you have children or busy schedules, but make the effort to go out, unwind and spend quality time together.

  1. Find a hobby you both like

Those that play together stay together. Reconnect with one another over a shared interest, sport or hobby.

  1. Go on group or double dates

Points 3 and 4 apply but only invite couples that you both trust, as you might end up discussing your issues and turn your date into a group therapy session. Also, invite couples who will be social and can enjoy time spent in a group.

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