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Five Ways Men Respond To Rejection in The Bedroom

Rejecting your man’s advances in the bedroom is your right, but he is entitled to his honest reaction. How does your man respond to you after you reject him?

Rejection in the bedroom leads to a broad range of responses. A recent survey has uncovered the most likely reactions of men who are faced with temptations in the bedroom that are whisked away at the last moment. Victoria Milan conducted on 9 507 females reveals how men react when women refuse them in the bedroom.

  1. Getting angry or behaving aggressively is the #1 most common reaction from men who are denied the pleasure of a passion session. It’s likely the show of anger is to cover the deeper feelings of rejection and embarrassment. Women who put on the brakes say they have experienced this alpha male type reaction from Hungarian, Irish and Portuguese men.

  2. The silent treatment followed by a dramatic door-slamming exit is the second most likely reaction from a fellow who only made it to foreplay before being flung out. Refusing to discuss the issue or negotiate is common behaviour from Austrian, Swiss, Finnish, Norwegian men.

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  1. Turning on the charm and trying to convince his lover to relent is the third most common reaction women see when they put a stop to a potential love-making session. Reasoning, pleading and manipulation through saying what he thinks she wants to hear are all tactics that are tried by men from Czech Republic, Greece, France, New Zealand and Poland who have been barred from the bedroom.

  2. Taking it like a man and making a joke of the rejection is the fourth most likely reaction or spurned lovers, and probably the most appealing outcome of an awkward bedroom situation. Men who understand their lover’s requests to stop and don’t apply pressure on her to continue are usually from Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States.

  3. The most shocking behaviour reported was from women who witnessed the rejected lover pick up his phone and immediately start swiping or texting to find someone else who would put out. Typically, such cads hail from Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, South Africa and leave little question as to whether or not the relationship with anything other than physical.

Sigurd Vedal, founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, says: “Whether it’s making a joke, firing up, turning on the charm or clamming up altogether, what we’re seeing are honest reactions from men who are in a compromising position. The reaction they choose is knee-jerk – and probably a little secret preview into what the sex might have been like if she said yes.”

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Source: Victoria Milan. Image: IStock

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