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Five Tips To Displaying a Mezze Platter

If you’re having a get-together with friends and families over the upcoming holidays and don’t feel like cooking up a storm, consider a mezze platter.

Mezze platters are quick, easy and inviting. With vibrant shades and a magnetic array of mouth-watering delights, the mezze platter makes a tasty offering for sharing. Mediterranean Delicacies say “visual experience impacts on our gastronomic experience, presentation plays a significant role, becoming an invitation to indulge in the tasty offering.”

Five ways to display your mezze platters:

  1. It is ideal to use a beautiful white plate, perhaps with an unusual shape or with interesting pattern detail. White works well as a contrasting background to the different colours of the mezze food. Other containers, which also provide an inviting look, include a flat breadboard or a wooden dish.

  2. Whatever your choice, it is a good idea to use a large platter with smaller bowls, creating places of interest in different areas of the platter, leading the eye both with the positioning and aesthetics.

  3. Start with two to three humus (or any other) dips, one near each corner of the plate.

  4. Focus on the central area of the platter. Use cored green, red and yellow peppers for the centre. This adds to the colourful effect, while also providing an ideal place for other dips or even cream cheese mixed with Mediterranean Delicacies Marinated Sundried Tomatoes.

  5. Group little white bowls on the perimeter of the platter. These can be filled with different dips or little snacks like dolmades or olives and feta cheese. It is a good idea to use contrasting colours to add to the attraction of the dish. Assemble the remaining ingredients on the platter.

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Source and images: Mediterranean Delicacies

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